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Will I Be Able To Drive?

  • By: Laurence Thien
  • Published: November 20, 2020

For many, many years, the short answer to this question was “no.” However, here in Nevada, times have changed to the degree that this is not necessarily the case anymore. A recent change in the law allows those facing a driver license revocation for a pending DUI conviction to install what is known as Breath Ignition Interlock Device into their vehicle. In so doing, the defendant driver will be permitted to drive during the period wherein their license would formally be revoked.

This is a relatively new development and one that, for the most part, our clients seem to want to avail themselves of, assuming finances permit. The installation and maintenance of the Breath Ignition Interlock Device will cost anywhere from $75-$150 for installation, and there will be similar monthly maintenance costs associated with use of the device.

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