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Nevada Domestic Violence Classes

  • By: Mace J.
  • Published: January 28, 2021
Nevada Domestic Violence Classes

Domestic Violence (DV) Classes are an educational program that is required in the state of Nevada by the court if you are convicted of a DV. For a first offense, it is a 26-week course. For a 2nd offense, it is a 52-week course.

Domestic Violence Classes meet national standards and are recognized by Las Vegas courts and organizations that allow distance learning. The program provides meaningful content intended to meet court, legal, or employer requirements. We also recommend the Domestic Violence Class in Las Vegas for personal growth.

The Court requirements in the state of Nevada

The state of Nevada does not allow online classes for domestic violence.  However, due to Covid 19, the courts are flexible and will allow you to take the course online.  It is unclear if this online component will remain after Covid-19 clears up.

Different courts, like the Las Vegas justice court and municipal courts, may have slightly different requirements for domestic violence or batterers intervention classes. Sometimes a shorter length class might be required, like a 13-hour program that you can do online. Please check with your local court to ensure that a distance learning class will be acceptable and meet your specific requirements. 


What is Domestic Violence?

NRS 200.485  Battery which constitutes domestic violence: Penalties; referring child for counseling; restriction against dismissal, probation, and suspension; notice of prohibition against owning or possessing a firearm; order to surrender, sell or transfer firearm; penalty for a violation concerning firearm; definitions. [Effective through June 30, 2020.]

      1.  Unless a greater penalty is provided pursuant to subsections 2 to 5, inclusive, or NRS 200.481, a person convicted of a battery which constitutes domestic violence pursuant to NRS 33.018:

      (a) For the first offense within 7 years, is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be sentenced to:

             (1) Imprisonment in the city or county jail or detention facility for not less than 2 days, but not more than 6 months; and

             (2) Perform not less than 48 hours, but not more than 120 hours, of community service.

Domestic Violence In Las Vegas

⮩ The person shall be further punished by a fine of not less than $200, but not more than $1,000. A term of imprisonment imposed pursuant to this paragraph may be served intermittently at the discretion of the judge or justice of the peace, except that each period of confinement must be not less than 12 consecutive hours and must occur at a time when the person is not required to be at his or her place of employment or on a weekend.

      (b) For the second offense within 7 years, is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be sentenced to:

             (1) Imprisonment in the city or county jail or detention facility for not less than 20 days, but not more than 6 months; and

             (2) Perform not less than 100 hours, but not more than 200 hours, of community service.

The law recently changed for DV cases. In Nevada that law is that you do not get a jury trial for misdemeanor cases. However, since the law changed for domestic violence and a conviction will affect your gun rights now you do get a jury trial. What we try to do is resolve the cases so it is not a DV conviction and avoid the DV classes because if you are ordered to do the DVB classes and do not complete them the judge could hold you in contempt of court and make the violator do jail time.

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