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Attorney Mace J. Yampolsky, Esq. Client Reviews

“My experience with Yampolsky & Margolis Criminal Defense Las Vegas was truly amazing! I hired Mace when I was at a very low point in my life-I was facing jail time(DUI). From the staff to the representation, everything was handled with grace and pure professionalism. Mace was able to spare me the jail time and my case was closed almost immediately. Since then, I have continued to follow the advice that I was offered and I am happy to say I have been drama and trouble free ever since!! I will always be grateful to Yampolsky & Margolis Criminal Defense Las Vegas!!”
Janeen V.

“I spent some time with Mace and he provided me with a great deal of advice. When we spoke, I was really worried, I left feeling much better. If I need to hire an attorney again (knock on wood I won’t), no question I will hire Mace. His knowledge alone sold me. His candid statements about saving me money was icing on the cake. Thanks, Mace.”
A Satisfied Client

“After having a broken heart from the situation surrounding my mothers passing when I was 18 and making a series of bad choices, with his big heart Mace helped me when our courts had the intentions of throwing me in the garbage.

20 years later, I did not hesitate to reconnect with him to get my records sealed so that I can continue to move forward in life.

I hired Mace to get my criminal record sealed and he and Donna did so efficiently, clearly and without judgement. They were helpful, communicated clearly and did not waste any time.

Filled with hope and excitement to reclaim an unaltered path of my own choice is an amazing feeling I have not had for my adult life until now. Thank you.”

“Mace and Jason really stepped up with my sons case, past and present. They were always available to take my calls on weekends and after business hours. We have called them several times for my son and both of them jumped when we needed them. I would recommend him and his firm to whom ever would need a lawyer. They really are there for not just their client, but to help ease the minds or the worried family members. Mace is a very nice man and shows compassion for all.

Thank you Mace and Jason, I really appreciate you guys helping my son and my family.”

“Working with Mace and his team was a great experience, considering it was not a great situation I found myself in. Getting arrested for DUI was devastating and stressful. At the initial appointment Mace and Jason put me at ease, explained the situation, what was going to happen and what they can do for me. They held my hand throughout the whole process, always being professional, thoughtful and considerate.They did a wonderful job!!! I would definitely recommend this attorney as he has worked a miracle for me. Thank you Mace!”
A Satisfied Client

“I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate the professional legal services I received at Yampolsky & Margolis Criminal Defense Las Vegas. Their hard work and dedication really helped me during one of the most difficult times in my life.

This was my first car accident and I had no idea what to expect. And quite frankly, without Yampolsky & Margolis Criminal Defense Las Vegas, I think I’d be stuck not knowing what to do and contemplating my options in jail. I called their office after the accident crying uncontrollably and Mace calmly asked me to come to the office. What had started as a minor accident turned into my worst nightmare. Mace and Jason took the time to listen to my side of the story. The time Mace spent on my case as well as all the phone calls Mace made to solve my case ended the nightmare for me. One of the things I appreciated the most was that at no time did Mace or Jason give me false hope. Mace was honest about the situation and the results he would try to get for me. I hope I never face anything like this again but IF I do, I have Yampolsky & Margolis Criminal Defense Las Vegas phone number on speed dial.”

“I have known Mace for several years and he has always been accessible, responsive and extremely Helpful.

I recently ran into difficulty dealing with a con-artist in another state who took advantage of my giving spirit. I went to Mace and he pulled out all the stops to help me find an reputable attorney in the another state. Mace knows everyone and everywhere; all seeing and all knowing. Mace is always available, I swear there has to be a blue and red suit under there. Thanks Mace I am forever grateful for a Friend and Attorney like you.”

“My ex put me in a bad position and my kids were not only taken from her but me as well. Went and talked to him and he got my part of the case dropped within 3 weeks. Only went to court twice. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. After getting my kids back he referred me to another lawyer to get custody. He really handles his business. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great lawyer.”

“Mace and his team worked quickly to resolve an urgent matter. I (my business) received a subpoena to appear before a grand jury against in a lawsuit against another party. He was able to take care of this issue for me within a couple days and I never had to leave my state to appear in court. I highly recommend him.”

“My lawyer Mace Yampolsky was hired by me to defend me in a suit. He and his staff are excellent and friendly. He did everything he said he would and more. I recommend this lawyer and if need be would hire him again.”

“I was accused this year with things I was not guilty of! I had no idea where to turn, but I knew I needed a GOOD atty and I had not had much luck in t he past with attorneys actually doing there job and being true to what they told me before I hired them. After talking to 3 other atty’s I was very frustrated not really trusting any of them ?? I called Maces office and spoke to Theresa and she was very sweet and helpful..Made me fill comfortable she listened well I explained my situation and said she would have Mace call me back…Heard that before in my search but OK.. With in 5 min of me hanging up the phone Mace himself called me back. Mace spent a good 45 min talking to me and telling me what he thought and what he felt the best course of action would be. I felt completely relieved when I hung up from talking to Mace and that my career may not be over ? I was looking at 2 felonies and 2 Gross misdemeanors by the NV contractors board ALL FALSE I felt!

I hired mace that day and Mace and His team got right on it putting the NV contractors board on notice. I was never passed of to some associate Atty like it seems most firms do after the big guy makes the sale..NOT THE CASE WITH THIS FIRM . Mace and/or Theresa kept me informed all the time good and bad. Mace called me in the late evening with questions more then once! That really made me feel he truly cared and was working hard to protect me!

I’m happy to say the Mace was able to handle this with out going to trial and I only stepped into a court room one time! All charges went away and I pleaded no contest to a minor misdemeanor with a 1000.00 fine and I have my life and career saved all done with 8mo of hire.

If you need a GREAT CHRIMNAL ATTY then I would talk to Mace he does what he says!! I want to Think his entire Team Like Theresa and Jason truly professionals in every respect. I hope I never need Mace again but If I ever find myself in a bad position Mace will always be my attorney from here on!”
Greg B.

“Went to Mace based on a referral from a friend my son had 2 DUI’s. Mace got the charges reduced to my son having to go to a class but he had to go to meet the judge prior. The night before he went out not know he’d be tested for alcohol prior to the meeting. When tested he was standing before the judge twice the legal limit. The judge wanted to send him to jail on the spot. Mace managed to have him reconsider and allow him to go through the class. Great work in a tough situation. Would recommend him to anyone.”

“Mace really helped me out in a time of need. I thought i had no one to turn to but Mace appeared out of the blue to help me.

He clearly explained my situation to me, and the steps needed to be taken to resolve it. I am truly grateful for Mace and the support he has provided me through this troubling time. I would recommend Mace’s expertise to anyone seeking legal council.”
A Satisfied Client

“We are out of state and when our son received a DUI we were in a panic. We knew we needed a good lawyer and we called Mace.

From the first call he was understanding, kind and informative. We were impressed from our first contact, and continued to feel as though we had picked the right attorney.

He told us what to expect and how he would proceed. He instilled tremendous trust in us at a time when, as parents, we really needed it! He answered all our questions and proceeded to do just as he had told us! We were impressed with his experience and knowledge.

We knew our son’s case was in very very competent hands. I would totally recommend Mace for any and all legal needs.

At a time when you are in unknown waters, Mace was a lifeboat for all of us!”

“Due to my reckless behavior in my early 20’s- I received my very first DUI. Then in 2009, I was pulled over again and because I was very scared of the outcome– I did not take care of it right away. I knew that it being my 2nd DUI (almost a year after the first one), the chances of going to jail– were quite high. I am a very ambitious person with a pretty decent background/family who never got in any kind of trouble such as this. In fact, I did not even know anyone that had ever been to jail. So unfortunately, I chose to “run away” from my problem.

Fast forward a couple years later and after living a pretty UN-normal life (always worried about the charge I never settled); I finally decided to face the consequences of my actions. It was time to face the music.

After consulting multiple lawyers and also reading reviews, I chose to use Mace to represent my case. I am really happy I did. Not only did Mace help to CLOSE my first DUI, he was able to get my 2nd case classified as a lesser charge! And NO jail time!! I could not believe my ears when I heard it from him. He really helped me avoid my worse fear.

Now, I am able to live life free of worry. I have definitely learned the hard way and my wallet hates me but I can say I will NEVER get behind a wheel drunk again. I HIGHLY recommend to use Mace to represent you in court. He will work hard to get his clients the best outcome possible. I am forever grateful for all the help Mace and his secretary, Teresa, have given me!”
A Satisfied Client

“When my son needed legal representation on short notice, I was given the name and phone number of Mace Yampolsky. Expecting to reach his answering machine at 8 am on a Saturday morning, I was surprised to be speaking directly with him in his home. He was very personable, calmed my concerns and outlined a plan. Within 24 hours he was able to have my son’s bond exonerated. We will continue to work with Mr. Yampolsky throughout this matter because we trust his experience and have seen his commitment to us as clients.”
A Satisfied Client

“It was a tough time for my family and I. We were extremely worried for our son who we felt was wrongly accused. Mace was able to help us navigate the justice system. He was reachable, knowledgeable, responsive to our questions and was able to allay our concerns. He walked us through what to expect. The experience was an ordeal but knowing our son had legal representation and had someone looking out for his interests, made us less anxious and more hopeful for a positive outcome. Mace is a good guy to have someone on your side! Highly recommended defense lawyer you can depend on and trust. Thank you Atty. Mace for saving our son.”
Maria D.

“Many years ago in passing Mace gave me his business card and on the back it had a list of “What to do if you get pulled over and you’ve been drinking”. I kind of chuckled as I read them through, thinking them to be a peculiar point of “business”, but certainly not thinking such a thing would ever apply to me. I filed the card and made a simple mental note.

Years later, I found myself in a position to need Mace’s services, and more importantly at that particular moment… the recollection of that short list of “what to do”. I followed what I could remember of those pointers and I’m very grateful I did as they helped me a great deal in my case with Mace later. I called Mace the moment I could. I had never been in trouble before this and never again since so I was terrified of the outcome. Mace not only saw through my case with the utmost of timeliness, compassion, and efficiency, but had my case completely dismissed and removed from my record. I had faith in him but never expected things to go this well.

I am so grateful to have come in contact with Mace and to have known to call him when I needed it most. I have referred him to family and friends who have been in trouble in various capacities and they have all been very happy with his care and service as well. I recommend him for anyone who needs help and answers fast.”
A Satisfied Client

“Mace was amazing and helped me tremendously! I would refer Mace to anyone he is a dedicated professional. And helped me tremendously in my DUI case and I thank home for that. 5 stars all around!”
A Satisfied Client

“I want to thank you Mace so very much for the help you have been able to provide me. As you know, due to confusing instructions and advice that I had received from someone else, with respect to a charge from 2015, I was probably facing a lengthy period of incarceration.

Because of the skill in which Mace handled the matter, including saying the right things to the judge and keeping me calm, Mace was able to obtain a greatly reduced penalty on my behalf, allowing me to continue working and be free. I cannot thank him enough for what he has done. I was not the only one this was effecting, although I am head of household, I have a child and a roommate who would have been stuck with more than their share of responsibilities.

I also want to say thank you for Mace’s due diligence in not only preparing my case but also the fact that at any given time I did not feel less than what I am worth. Mace welcomed me into his office with the utmost professionalism and a little humor to add to the comfort zone in which his office allows. Also, Mace’s staff has been very polite and accommodating whenever I have needed to call. Mace and his staff has always returned my phone call and/or email promptly, if not within minutes it was always just a few hours. Very professional and kind service.

Should you find yourself in less than adequate circumstances, please call Mace Yampolsky. He knows how to get the job done with the least amount of worry and stress. I fully trust in his abilities!!”

“2014 was a tough year and facing serious consequences on my professional career with two arrests in the same month made hiring the best attorney in Las Vegas not only essential but really connected with Mace the first phone call I spoke with him. He was honest and confident with the scenario after I was arrested for a DUI (second) and as scared as I was he reassured me every step of the way. Given that the arrest occurred away out of state also made me nervous, but he handled everything and informed me about the status every step of the way and I’ve learned that there are many lawyers who are out there but few carry the poise and confidence and knowledge of the system that Mace possesses. I’ve been able to put this behind me only with his help and if you are in a similar scenario, look no further and give him a call and see why I retained him without meeting in person on the first phone call. My other lawyer referred him and fortunately came away with a great outcome! Thanks Mace! Indebted!”
A Satisfied Client

“In 2012 I was unfortunate enough to wing up in the Clark County Jail on multiple Felony Charges. Needless to say, my wife and I were quite frantic. She contacted various lawyers but decided to retain Mace initially because he took the time to calm her down and was very specific as to what his immediate steps were going to be, and a time frame for which he was going to implement his strategy.

Mace got right on my case and I saw him in jail the next day. Mace was very confident, knowledgeable and reassuring. I knew right away what I was facing, the possible outcomes and the time frames in which events may happen. I immediately felt in capable hands. It was clear to me that not only was he very experienced and knowledgeable, but clearly knew how to navigate his way deftly through the Clark County legal system. Shortly into the proceedings we were all thrown a curve ball as the U.S. Government assumed jurisdiction over my case. It was now a Federal charge with potentially more severe penalties. Mace never missed a beat and quickly did the necessary legwork to put us in the best position to deal with the Government. He was just as confident and adept at dealing with the “Feds” as he was with local law enforcement. Mace was able to secure my release from custody almost immediately…on my own recognizance no less.

The wheels of justice do grind slowly but I can honestly say that as my case wound through the Federal system over the next year, Mace was always on top of things from a legal standpoint. Additionally, Mace never one time made me feel like “just another case.” Have you ever retained an attorney and then were never able to talk with him?? I was so pleased that this was NOT the case with Mace. To my amazement, my e-mails and/or phone calls were always answered promptly by Mace himself, often times within 5-15 minutes of me e-mailing him. I was NEVER shuttled to an assistant, and Mace always had a quick answer to my questions. I never once in over a year felt like he was not on top of my case and working diligently to get the very best result. I know that Mace was working on a couple of higher-profile cases at this time but I never felt like I was a secondary concern for him. Mace was tireless in cultivating his relationship with the Federal Prosecutor over this time and I truly believe that this helped tremendously in my favorable sentence.

When it came time to be sentenced, again Mace was very well prepared with all of the pertinent facts that could help mitigate my sentence and was truly relentless in making our case. In the end this paid off. I was certainly looking at a 4-6 year Federal Sentence. In the end I was sentenced to only 21 months on a charge that I was indeed guilty of. Mace’s tireless efforts on my behalf and persistent legal acumen not only “saved my bacon” from a legal standpoint, but allowed me and my wife to navigate this very trying time with assurance and confidence that whatever the very best result was going to be…we were going to achieve. It is very rare with any product or service that your expectations are met or exceeded. I cannot be any more complimentary to Mace and his staff for the personal service, concern, and true professionalism that typified my experience with him. My expectations were indeed exceeded in every way! I highly recommend that you call Mace if you have any criminal matters that need to be resolved. You will be in the most capable hands….!!!”

“The last year and a half were not great for me. They were, in fact, the worst I’ve seen, period… I had significant issues both personally and professionally. The issues I faced were not the norm for me and I made a mistake. It all came to a head one day and I succumbed to the stress, as many of us do at times. I found myself in a bad situation that I made worse. I needed someone to represent me in a DUI case. This had never happened to me before, I was at an age where it shouldn’t be happening now, and the embarrassment as well as frustration with myself was significant.

I was lucky enough to have a good friend that recommended Mace Yampolsky. On my first visit to his office Mace treated me with the utmost respect and understanding. I wasn’t just another case for him, but a person that needed a thoughtful, experienced professional to help him through a complicated situation.

Mace took the time to clearly explain what I was facing, what would happen during this process, and what I could expect. He was honest, didn’t sugarcoat anything, but also quickly identified the issues and exactly where we would concentrate our efforts. As you might expect I had a number of questions and Mace was always responsive, clear, and approachable. While I’m sure he is inundated with constant questions from many clients he was quick to respond every time I reached out to him.

Long story short my blood alcohol was over the legal limit and the final disposition Mace negotiated was a non DUI decision. So as I bring this short story to a close there is no DUI on my record, life is regaining a semblance of normality, and Mace Yampolsky helped me through a particularly difficult stretch in my life.

If you find yourself in a situation similar to mine please do yourself a favor. Call Mace.”
A Satisfied Client

“I could tell from the first interaction that Mace cared about my situation. He immediately asked pertinent probing questions during our consult and offered lucrative advice. He even told us which I think is quite stand up that the public defender representing our case is good and that basically he’d charge us a lot of money to do what we were already doing with her. That we greatly appreciate. While my boyfriend is fighting his case he is still apprehensive about the publics defender but if push comes to shove we WILL be hiring Mace! He knows his stuff and is very real with you! He pulled up records gave us example and even another lead to help fight our case all in just the consultation. I respect and appreciate that!”

“Mace is no nonsense, to the point, effective, personable, comforting, kind, phenomenal is an inadequate description but I can’t think of a better word to use. Mace is still, and always will be my go to guy for legal matters.”

“Mace Yampolsky and staff was extremely knowledgeable and efficient. The service we received was expedited quickly and was successful. I recommend consulting Mace Yampolsky for any legal service needed.”
Mike C.

“I got the most for the money I paid for Mace. During the whole process I had to go thru, my nerves weren’t as bad with Mace taking care of all the legal stuff for me. Highly recommended.”
A Satisfied Client

“I hired Mace about a year and a half ago for a civil case. I have only good things to say about him and the way that he handled my case. I have never seen an attorney work so relentlessly hard in order to get his clients what they rightfully deserved. He won my case in District court in a very short period of time. I was extremely happy about this best possible outcome because I was very pessimistic in the beginning about my case ever winning.

Later on, the Attorney General appealed the lower court’s decision to the Nevada Supreme Court. I was down in the dumps again. I decided to retain him again for the appeal in the Supreme Court because I knew that no other attorney would fight as hard as he would. Within 6 months or so he was able to get the appeal dismissed at the Nevada Supreme Court level. I was completely in shock and disbelief but nonetheless both relieved and elated.

You will never find an attorney in Las Vegas that will work harder and win more cases than Mr. Yampolsky. If I ever needed him again, I wouldn’t hesitate hiring him for one minute. If you are looking for the best of the best, you should stop right now and give him a call. This man is a true winner and will always obtain the best possible outcome for your case. He fights for you as if he was fighting for his own self. Thanks Mace. You are the best!”
A Satisfied Client

“I hired Mr. Yampolsky for a civil lawsuit/petition arising from an old (18 years) felony conviction in another state. I had interviewed several other attorneys but he stood out as the clear cut winner. He is an extremely knowledgeable criminal law specialist which was absolutely crucial to my case as it involved numerous state and federal constitutional issues and statutes. He was extremely responsive to my legal issue and he wasted no time whatsoever in getting to work on it. I was amazed at how fast he was able to file necessary documents and organize events surrounding my case. As a matter of fact, the result he ultimately obtained for me was better than I expected. Mace went well above and beyond the call of duty and really had my interests in mind at all times. He was always calm, professional and compassionate about my case. His staff was also the same as well. He kept me abreast at each stage of the process and made me feel confident in obtaining a successful outcome. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a criminal defense or civil litigation attorney. I will never forget what he has done for me and how it has changed my entire life. He is a fantastic attorney who always has his client’s interests at the forefront and at the top of his list. You can’t go wrong hiring him. Thanks for all that you did for me Mace.”
A Satisfied Client

“Very Good Lawyers, they came to meet me personally at the hospital after calling them from my hospital bed and they began right away on my case. I was touched by this man; I was happy to work with him and was extremely happy with the result.”

“I went to Mace after getting into some trouble with the law in Las Vegas. Mace and his team also helped my partner get some charges dropped. They kept both of us out of jail, and we are thankful for their help. I highly recommend Mace and his staff if you face legal problems.”

“I’ve been a client of Mace twice in the last 20 years.

First when I was just over 18 and made some regrettable choices, our justice system was ready to throw me away like trash and Mace represented me with integrity, compassion and expertise.

Fast forward 20+ years, to the time I am finally eligible to seal my records. I reconnected with Mace and his team to start the process. Donna was my point of contact and she is a fantastic professional and a delightful person.

Without judgement or making me feel like an easy buck Mace and Donna got to work. Donna provided updates and facilitated necessary paperwork promptly and kept things moving effectively.

I would recommend Mace and Donna to anyone in need of legal assistance.”
Nicole R.

“I am from Los Angeles and was residing in Shreveport, LA when I hired Mace to represent me for some 10-15 year old criminal charges with an active/outstanding arrest warrant in Las Vegas. I used to live in Vegas at that point in time and it was a dark time for me back then. I have turned my life completely around since then. I got into the field of counseling and knew this would be a possible burden for my career so I hired Yampolsky & Margolis Criminal Defense Las Vegas to handle my case. Withing one month the warrant was quashed and my case/s closed. The staff was outstanding and courteous at all times. They were prompt in response time and provided me with all legal documents when I asked for, pertaining to my cases. I recommend Mace and his staff for legal matters. I am 100% pleased with the service. Thank you Mace.”
Joseph C.

“I am from Los Angeles and was residing in Shreveport, LA when I hired Mace to represent me for some 10-15 year old criminal charges with an active/outstanding arrest warrant in Las Vegas. I used to live in Vegas at that point in time and it was a dark time for me back then. I have turned my life completely around since then. I got into the field of counseling and knew this would be a possible burden for my career so I hired Yampolsky & Margolis Criminal Defense Las Vegas to handle my case. Withing one month the warrant was quashed and my case/s closed. The staff was outstanding and courteous at all times. They were prompt in response time and provided me with all legal documents when I asked for, pertaining to my cases. I recommend Mace and his staff for legal matters. I am 100% pleased with the service. Thank you Mace.”
Joseph C.

“I have had the privilege of knowing Mace for many years now and have always known him to be a hard charging fighter for his Client’s and their best interests!

Mace is a highly trained and gifted Criminal & DUI Defense lawyer and the ONLY person I contact when people need help in the Las Vegas.

Simply put, Mace has the knowledge, skill, talent and desire to provide top notch representation for ALL of his clients!”
Scott S.

“Mace helped a close friend with a legal situation while visiting Las Vegas for vacation, Mace fixed the situation promptly. If you ever happen to need someone to help while visiting Las Vegas, Mace should be your first phone call.”
Gregory L.

“Mace was a amazing lawyer I experienced a life I was refereed to Mace by a near and dear friend. I faced changing experience that could have hindered my future. Mace was able to keep me informed through out my entire case and was able to get me the opportunity to get a lesser charge. This was the best news I have received and I greatly appreciate it Mace really is on your side and will do just about anything he can to assist his client as I experienced this first hand and would refer Mace to anyone and everyone.”
John R.

“We were referred to Mace from a friend. We had never been in this situation before and he really explained everything thoroughly. He didn’t give us false hope or exaggerate on what he could and could not do. Really enjoyed the no nonsense when addressing my daughter about the trouble she caused. Mace did very well at taking care of the situation and following up with us through the whole process. We will definitely recommend him to our friends! Thank you Mace!”
Bivian C.

“I highly recommend Mace Yampolsky and his team of consummate legal professionals. After finding myself in a questionable legal situation, I turned to Mace for his years of practical criminal defense experience and his knowledge of the Clark County Criminal Justice system. After explaining my situation Mace explained to me my options and what he believed would lead to a favorable outcome. I have to agree that I am extremely satisfied with his services and would send my closest family members to him if they faced similar circumstances.”
David B.

“My son has special needs he had never been in trouble prior so i waited until the very last day believing there was absolutely no way the state would prosecute, but they absolutely were going to so i came down to the firm and it was less than 24hrs before court time not only did my child get off with no jail time they were sensitive to my feelings needs and the situation, and they handled everything we didn’t even have to attend court. Although i paid the fees in full i discovered at our meeting they had a payment plan. I personally recommend their service.”

“If he can’t do it, no one can.”
Bart W.

“I didn’t use their services but their office is cool.”
Sergio A.

“Hiring the right attorney is almost always the most important decision of your life. It is also a decision that will change whatever situation you are in for the remainder of your life. I searched long and hard for the right attorney for my case and I am so glad that I hired Mr. Mace Yampolsky. My case was quite complex, involving both state and federal constitutional issues, and had many twists and turns as many cases often do.
Due to his extensive experience (over 30 years) as an attorney, he knew exactly how to proceed and wasted no time whatsoever in getting my case started on the right foot. Along the way he gave me updates, encouragement and above all, confidence that we would prevail in court. As a professional I have met with many attorneys during my life but none of them rose to the occasion like Mr. Yampolsky did.

As a client I had certain expectations. Attorneys are usually conservative in what they say they can do for you regarding the outcome of your case. They will tell you that they cannot always guarantee success. During the course of my case I began to feel very comfortable with Mace and only contacted him when necessary. When it came time to have my case heard in court he would call me right after the hearing and give me the details. After the second hearing in District court he immediately called me with the good news. He had obtained a Summary Judgement ruling in my favor which was the absolute best possible outcome for my case. I was elated.

Mr. Yampolsky had accomplished more than I ever expected. That is the difference between hiring a good attorney and a great one! If you ever need an experienced criminal defense, civil or personal injury attorney then you need not look any further. Do yourself a favor, hire Mace Yampolsky and let him do all the work necessary in order for you to get back on with your life and leave all your legal troubles behind. Once again, thank you Mace for putting my life back together and I wish you the very best with your future clients.”
A Satisfied Client

“Mace provided an excellent defense on my behalf. I would recommend him highly to anyone requiring effective criminal defense.”
A Satisfied Client

Attorney Jason R. Margolis, Esq. Client Reviews

“Attorney Jason Margolis, I can’t speak enough about this attorney! He fights for what he believes is right! Today he gave my Grandson a Second chance of life to live and not to do 5 years in Prison! My Grandson made a horrible choice in his life and when you make bad choices in life this is what happen! My grandson is 20 years old and now he has a chance to show the world and himself he is not a monster! My Grandson has his whole Life ahead of him thanks to Attorney Margolis. My Grandson is a good Man! And Again Thank you Attorney Margolis! you have helped me with more than one issue with a family member! Anyone out there that needs an Attorney to fight for what is right and fight for the Truth this is your Attorney to hire!”
A Satisfied Client

“I am writing this letter of appreciation for outstanding attorney Jason R. Margolis. Jason is a legal professional who is expedient and thorough in his duties as a lawyer.

My son David Francis has Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and has the Medtronic paradigm Revel insulin pump. He was not receiving the required medical management and medical protocol therapy delegated for a patient with the insulin pump. Jason drafted and mailed a desperately needed Legal letter to the Medical Director of Prisons in Nevada. This prompted the immediate medical care my son David Francis required to literally save his LIFE!

Nothing had been accomplished until Jason got involved and represented my son David. I want to give Jason my highest regard for his outstanding legal advice and representation of my son. He is an asset to The American Bar Association.”
Debra K.

“My attorney Jason Margolis interceded on my behalf regarding a DUI charge. He went to court and with some requirements made of me, got my charge dropped to Lesser offence.”
A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Margolis helped me tremendously and was able to get my case dismissed. I was always kept in the loop of my case and felt as though there was nothing for me to worry about. Mr. Margolis made me feel as though everything would be taken care of and it was. I would recommend Mr. Margolis to my friends and family and have already done so.”

“Jason handled my traffic citation and managed to enable me to avoid a moving violation without my being required to complete traffic school, some feat given that I was cited for 11-20 mph over the speed limit in a school zone. The fine I paid was significantly lower than the initial bail amount I was ordered to pay. I recommend him without reservation.”

“Following a stroke a little over a year ago I contacted Jason to inquire about a having a Durable Power of Attorney prepared. I was impressed with his attention to detail, his writing ability, and the efficiency with which he executed the document for me. I would recommend him without reservation.”

“Jason handled a traffic citation for me and it was a completely painless experience-the citation was reduced to Illegal Parking, I never needed to make an appearance or complete traffic school, and he answered any questions I had promptly and efficiently. I would recommend this lawyer to anyone with a traffic or criminal issue.”
Daniel L.

“Jason was honest with me and let me know what I was facing in upcoming court appearances. He also prepared me for the range of possible outcomes to my case, including the financial obligations I would be subject to if I entered into a particular plea agreement.”

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