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White Collar Criminal Defense

  • By: Mace J.
  • Published: September 25, 2019
White Collar Criminal Defense

A Guide To White Collar Criminal Defense In Las Vegas

It is not a surprise meeting lawyers who have been practicing for many years but do not understand much concerning white collar criminal defense in Las Vegas. Well, the white-collar criminal arena is a fairly sensitive and closed one, and anyone who operates outside it might not care much about it. Some lawyers who have dealt with a part of these cases might list it as part of the services they offer, but most of them do not understand what white-collar work is. This article will look into some important aspects of this complicated legal area and help you know where to look out for when you are involved or threatened with a white-collar prosecution.

What Is White Collar Crime?

This is a non-violent crime that happens in the business world, mostly done to enrich an individual or organization. It encompasses a wide variety of possible illegal activities and plots, and the acts are mostly done through deceit with the aim of getting money. While anyone can commit a white-collar crime, they are mostly done by business professionals and government officials since they have access to resources and are in charge of things that can help them to succeed in their crimes.

Types Of Crimes.

Here are some common examples of these crimes;

  • Fraud

This makes up the majority of the white collar crimes, and it involves deceiving an entity for financial gain. They involve financial transactions in a business setting. Fraud can come in different forms.

  • Embezzlement

This is a type of crime where an individual or entity that has been entrusted to take care of some resources or money takes it for their gain. An example is whereby a manager in a store takes some cash obtained from the sales and transfers it into their account as opposed to that of the company.

  • Tax Evasion

This happens when an individual avoids paying taxes owed to the authorities. This can be done by hiding some of their business dealings or failing to declare their income.Tax avoidance is legal Tax evasion is illegal.

  • Money Laundering

This is an act that happens when an individual takes money that was gained through illegal actions and passes it into a couple of transactions to make it appear as if it was earned legally. It is the act of cleaning dirty money.a common example in Las Vegas is people using illegally obtained cash and buying chips at the casino, gambling and then cashing them out later

  • Bribery

This is the act of offering someone money in exchange for a favor or illegal act.

  • Bankruptcy Fraud

This is whereby someone lies about their property and income for them to be declared bankrupt and avoid paying the money owed to lenders. Or they may allegedly transfer assets but actually keep control.

White Collar Crime Enforcers

Since most of these crimes are committed against no clear parties, it is easy to imagine who are the enforcers. The responsibility lies with several government agencies that investigate and screen individuals who are suspected of committing white collar crimes. The US Attorney’s office and the Nevada Attorney general investigate these cases on a regular basis.Organizations that suffer as a result of these crimes hire auditors, attorneys and private investigators to help them prove whether these crimes happened or not.

Proving such cases involves several elements since white collar criminal defense attorneys in Las Vegas could be witty and use a loophole to get an accused out of the hot seat. First, the accuser must establish the intent of the guilty party and prove that they did the act with knowledge that it is wrong and will be punished according to the laws In addition,they try to  show that the accused took affirmative steps to hide their activities through some way in an effort to cover their tracks from the enforcers.

White Collar Criminal Defense in Las Vegas

These crimes are serious owing to the potential  penalties However, the people who are committing these crimes are usually are cagy, savvy and could easily induce  someone into committing the crime unknowingly. This is why , it is essential to understand the elements of a good defense that your lawyer should use. A common defense is the absence of intent This shows that one did not commit the act  with the intention of monetary gain or some illegal intention Another defense is entrapment,a situation in which one did not have a plan to commit the crime, but law enforcement agencies forced them into doing it.

Some vital aspects of white-collar crimes have been discussed. When you are accused,  Make sure that you hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer that knows how to defend these types of crimes.  Yampolsky & Margolis Criminal Defense Las Vegas have been helping people with White Collar criminal defense for over 35 years.  To learn more about White Collar Criminal Defense click here


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