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Domestic Violence in Nevada occurs when a person hits, pushes, strangles, elbows, or knocks down, spits, or inflicts any sort of harm on his or her spouse, ex-spouse, housemate, boyfriend or girlfriend, relative or roommate. Sometimes throwing something at someone or breaking their phone and /or computer, could mean you have committed misdemeanor domestic violence. In Nevada, even if you don’t want to prosecute, the DA or city attorney can charge and even convict someone without your cooperation and consent. This is the one crime in which the confrontation clause of the U.S. Constitution does not apply. Also, if there is strangulation or substantial bodily harm, the charges will be a felony. (§ NRS 33.018 Acts which constitute domestic violence). The police say that about 40% of the calls they get that need to be investigated involve domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Lawyer Las Vegas

Your Las Vegas Domestic Violence Lawyer needs to take cases very seriously, as the state of Nevada will frequently pursue criminal action against an alleged abuser — even if the victim does not want to prosecute. A conviction on these charges carries stiff penalties, including a loss of your right to own a firearm, high dollar fines, lengthy probation, and/or even jail time for a first offense. We try to resolve the case so there is no domestic violence conviction. We have been very successful in the past Self- defense is a defense in many cases.

Types of Charges

  • Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse

For the first offense within 7 years, is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be sentenced to:

  • Imprisonment in the city or county jail or detention facility for 2 days to 6 months; and (NRS 200.48)

For the second offense within 7 years, is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be sentenced to:

  • Imprisonment in the city or county jail or detention facility for 10 days – 6 months.

For the third and any subsequent offense within 7 years, is guilty of a category C felony and shall be punished as provided in NRS 193.130.

General Information:

With so much at stake, be sure that you have an experienced domestic violence lawyer in Las Vegas who can help to protect your interests and preserve your rights. You might wonder to yourself if there are any good, and more importantly, free criminal lawyers near me, and you would be right because at Yampolsky & Margolis Attorneys at Law, not only do we offer our clients the chance to sit for a free consultation with criminal lawyers, I also offer my clients more than 30 years of experience. I know the law, and I know what it takes to build a powerful defense on your behalf. If you choose our firm today, you will never have any reason to regret it. We will not only meet your expectations, but we hope to surpass them. That is what you get when you hire the best criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas Nevada. In domestic violence cases, many a false accusation is made out of spite or to further the alleged victim’s own agenda.

In certain divorce proceedings, for example, some mothers may claim spousal abuse and/or child abuse or neglect in order to damage a husband’s credibility in their custody battle. However, it is the job of a quality criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas to predict most of these moves, as these cases have been seen many times in the past. It is also the job of the Las Vegas domestic violence attorney to come up with a suitable defense that can help our clients get the justice they deserve.

Underhanded tactics have been witnessed many times in the past, and most people employ them to try and influence the jury or judge’s decision. We have never employed such moves ourselves, but we are very adept at spotting them, and fighting them within the confines of the law. That is what our domestic violence lawyer in Las Vegas NV knows how to do.

Our firm also offers a free consultation in Las Vegas. This is an incredible initiative started by our firm. We offer you free advice on your case, and let you know what to expect from THE PROSECUTION, as well as some of the tactics that you may employ to stave off their advances. This way, our clients can have access to free consultation from EXPERIENCED criminal lawyers, who UNDERSTAND THE ENTIRE PROCESS AND ARE ABLE TO DISCUSSS THE PROS AND CONS OF ALL OF THE DIFFERENT SCENARIOS.

I will work diligently to expose these accusations for the lies that they are and fight to protect your rights. I fight to win. My goal is to beat the charges against you so you can walk away with your rights and freedom intact. If we can’t beat the charges outright, I will work hard in every attempt to plead the case down to a much lesser offense, such as breach of the peace. The point is that I will never give up on my clients no matter what the charges they are facing and the challenges their case presents. My sole focus is on giving my clients the best possible chance when they step into the courtroom. Throughout my career as a domestic violence Las Vegas lawyer, I have managed to free countless innocent people that were charged with one crime or the other, with great aplomb, and with their dignities intact.

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