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Drug Crimes Attorney Las Vegas

Drug Crimes Attorney Las Vegas, Mace Yampolsky, Esq. can help you with any drug crime charge! Mace has been helping people in Las Vegas for over 35 years! Give him a call today for a free consultation!

There is a new body of law regarding “stash houses,” where government agents essentially set up a crime, typically with people who would not have the expertise or wherewithal to actually commit the crime. These cases may be dismissed for Outrageous Government Conduct.

If you are facing drug-related charges, you need an experienced Drug Crime Attorney in Las Vegas. Drug-related crimes are perhaps some of the most aggressively prosecuted crimes in our legal system today. The zero tolerance atmosphere we live in makes it nearly impossible for a person charged with a drug related crime to get a fair trial. If you are facing drug charges, be sure you have a strong advocate in your corner to help protect your rights.

There might be many options for you when choosing from Las Vegas Drug Crime Lawyers, yet you should always hold out for the best in the business, and for that there is no body better but us. Crimes involving drugs can be quite complicated and it is important to understand each and every aspect of the Las Vegas drug laws that govern such crimes, so that a solid defense can be formulated for when the case goes to trial.

A conviction on these charges in Las Vegas can carry some extremely harsh penalties including fines, probation, and jail time. At Yampolsky & Margolis Attorneys at Law, it is my goal to mount a vigorous defense for my clients from the initial stages of the case through the whole trial. I am a skilled attorney and I am proud of my track record in cases that have gone to trial. I have gained a reputation to be among the best drug crimes attorneys in Las Vegas NV.

I am one of the most experienced Las Vegas drug crime lawyers you can find, and I have a reputation for fighting for my clients to the very end. My dedication to your case is only surpassed by my desire to get my clients the best possible defense, and for them to come out on the other side without any more hassles for them to deal with. I know not many people stop and think about whether there are any drug crime lawyers near me after they have been apprehended, but I know the court systems in the area, I know how the Las Vegas drug laws work, and I know how to talk to the Juries that decide cases. Making me your best shot at redemption. All of these give me an edge over out of state lawyers, as well as makes me a leading candidate to fight your case in court. Just trust my judgment and I promise you are in good hands.

When you hire me, I will thoroughly investigate every aspect of your case to make sure that your rights were not violated under Nevada law. If the arresting officer did not have probable cause to stop you or enter your home, this could constitute a violation of your rights, and any evidence gathered in related searches could be thrown out. In addition, if you were not read your Miranda rights, any statements you made to police could also be thrown out. As your Drug Crimes Attorney in Las Vegas, I will investigate these aspects of your case and work diligently to protect your rights. I am extremely familiar with all of the “Shortcuts” that that cops use. I will make sure your rights are not violated and that you are protected. I am one of the leading Las Vegas drug crime lawyer, This is  kind of due diligence you will receive if you hire our firm. I’ve defended thousands of clients accused of drug crimes in both the State of Nevada and Federal court. I’ve also represented many in the City of Las Vegas I understand the nuances that could be crucial to a great resolution so that you can avoid jail time.

With our combined 35 plus years of experience, we’ve defended clients facing the following types of drug related charges:

Drug Crimes:
  • Felony Drug Charges
  • Misdemeanor Drug Charges
  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Sales & Drug Trafficking
Drug Manufacturing:
  • Meth Labs
  • Marijuana Cultivation

Give us a call today to speak with our Las Vegas drug crime lawyers. When you choose to go ahead with our service, you can rest assured that you are in the right hands. Our attorneys and services make it extremely easy for you to find drug crimes attorneys in Las Vegas who also understand drug laws very well.

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