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We strive to help convicted clients earn a fresh start after they have paid their debt to society. Records related to a conviction for various crimes that were committed in Nevada can be sealed. Record Sealing Las Vegas can prove to be slightly complicated in certain cases because you have to be aware of the various laws concerning record sealing that are applicable in the state. The number of years that must pass before petitioning the court to seal a criminal record depends on the type of crime that was committed. Our law firm can evaluate the details of your conviction and assist you with the process of Record Sealing Las Vegas.

Record Sealing Las Vegas

Record Sealing Las Vegas is a good initiative as it provides people who have made mistakes in life a chance to start fresh and to forge a new identity for themselves that does not reflect their past indiscretions. It is a way for people to put the past in their rear window and move ahead with a fresh outlook on life, without the fear of being discovered or ousted by people who just want to tarnish their reputation using their past behavior as an example. Our entire justice system is based on the premise that if you commit a crime or make a mistake, you are liable to pay for it, as outlined in our constitution and laws. However, once that punishment has been served, you have every right to make efforts to reintegrate in to society, so that you can move and become a productive member of society, despite the transgressions you might have committed previously.

Effective October 2017

While the state of Nevada does offer former convicts and law breakers to seal their records from the public, there are certain stipulations attached to this process, depending on the type of crime a person had been accused of, or served jail time for. Record sealing in Nevada takes in to account all the various conditions that govern a convicted person’s case, and a judgement is made based on everything from the type of crime, the time served in jail, the behavior exhibited with prison staff while incarcerated or with parole officer after their release, as well as the quality of legal representation. If you need Record Sealing Las Vegas, contact our Las Vegas record sealing attorney right away.

Per NRS 179.245, the following convictions are not eligible for sealing until Statue of Limitation Requirements have been met FROM THE TIME YOUR CASE IS CLOSED INCLUDING PAROLE OR PROBATION www.leg.state.nv.us

  • Crimes Against Children (NRS 179D.0357), Felony DUIs & Sexual Offenses (INELIGIBLE)
  • Category A, Crime of Violence (NRS 200.408), Burglary (NRS 205.060) (10 years)
  • Category B, C or D Felony (5 years)
  • Category E Felony (2 years)
  • Enhance able Misdemeanors (Including Non-Felony DUI and Non-Felony battery domestic violence (7 years)
  • Gross Misdemeanor, Misdemeanor Battery, Harassment, Stalking, Violation of TPO (2 years)
  • All other misdemeanors and traffic violations (1 year)
  • Acquitted/Dismissed charges or Honorable Discharge on charge under NRS 453.3363 (No Wait)
  • Charges Prosecution declined to prosecute ( After Statute of Limitation has run or 8 years after arrest or if agreed by parties)

Possible reasons your record sealing petition could be denied:

  1. Statutory length of time since your case was closed has not been satisfied.
  2. You have an active case(s) or warrant(s) within Clark County and/or other jurisdictions.
  3. For cases dismissed, declined of prosecution or acquitted: Dismissal – any time after the date the charges are dismissed; Declined for prosecution – any time after the applicable statute of limitations has run; anytime 10 years after the arrest; or pursuant to a stipulation between the parties; Acquittal – any time after the date of acquittal (NRS 179.255).
  4. Drug and/or DUI cases recently denied by the District Attorney’s Office within one calendar year from date of arrest.
  5. You have a Dishonorable Discharge on your criminal record, therefore you are not eligible to have your records sealed.
  6. You have/had a conviction for a crime relating to sexual offense or a crime against a child (NRS 179D.0357).
  7. Your prior criminal record of reoffending or the serious nature of offenses.
  8. You have not listed ALL arrests and/or conviction on your Petition and Order.
  9. You have included arrests and/or charges which were handled in a municipal/city court jurisdiction as they must be submitted to the appropriate city attorney’s office for approval or denial.

With our Record Sealing Las Vegas Attorney by your side, the case will be closed forever! Give us a call today to talk to our criminal defense lawyers and attorneys.

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